Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beach Weddings: Seersucker or Seaside Couture?

Do you think Pachelbel's Cannon in D sounds better with the cadence of ocean waves in the background? If so, you might be considering a beach wedding. There is no doubt about it, beach weddings are en vogue.

Beach weddings can be elegant affairs combined with the sun, surf and sand or sometimes, they might require little more than a snazzy pair of your favorite flip flops. Whatever your vision, as a bride, communicate it to your wedding planner. Remember, saying "I want to have a beach wedding" can mean a number of different things. For example, location is the first thing to determine. If you love the look of the beach, but would rather not have sand in your Jimmy Choos, then go for a locale that boasts views of the ocean, but don't schedule the ceremony on the sand.

Announcing Catwalk and Company Weddings
Services offered include:
  • Complete Wedding Planning: Site visits to cake tastings, save-the-dates to photography, along with contract managment, decor and design. This option provides complete planning.
  • Wedding Week Only: Banish wedding week worries with this option. On-site supervision for the wedding day along with attention to any last minute details might be all you need for your special day.

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