Friday, August 28, 2009

The Freeloaders Play Charleston's Rocktoberfest

The Freeloaders will play at Awendaw Green's Rocktoberfest this year, show date/time coming soon. Visit for more about this relaxed venue that's a product of like-minded music philanthropists including local dentist Eddie White who opened up his family home in Awendaw so that it could become home to Rocktoberfest and various other concerts and barn jams.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Art of Cakes

Who doesn't love the wedding cake? I recently watched a Style Channel show called The Art of Cakes and just died...yes, channeling Rachel Zoe-but about cakes, not couture.

The little cupcakes, adorable. The dessert bar, charming. An amazing cake with edible sugar flowers so life-like that one can't tell the difference between the real flower and the edible flower, fantastic. The cake GURU, a one Sylvia Weinstock, even autographs her cakes-rightly so, they're works of art. So she signs them, much like Da Vinci signed his work. Prepare to be amazed:

A wedding cake can be the crowning glory at the reception, reigning from its own table-the cake speaks to the couple's idea of grandeur, their traditions, or it might reflect the bride's dress with lace detailing. And that's just the outside. The inside can be a decadent combination of flavors and fillings, from the mundane to the out of this world. From chocolate ganache to organic carrot cake, bakers do it all.
Prepare to be amazed when thinking about a cake for your wedding. Use your imagination and most importantly, find a cake designer who is supportive, and who offers creative suggestions. Don't let your budget fool you into thinking you can only do something traditional. Unique ideas like personalized cake toppers, custom made paper decorations for the cake (think about the scrapbook store), ribbon, lace and more are budget friendly. Imagination is the only limit to creating the perfect cake that reflects a couple's style.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Does the Devil really wear Prada?

I can't wait to see the new documentary on legendary Vogue queen Anna Wintour. Check out the op-ed from Maureen Dowd at The New York Times:

My favorite part of Dowd's column on Anna? This quote: "So the question invariably arises: Behind those bangs and dark glasses, is Anna human? Or did she tie Herm├Ęs scarves together and make a daring escape from District 9 in a getaway car driven by Oscar de la Renta?"

Monday, August 17, 2009

Catwalk's Wedding Weekend with Em and Rob

Gorgeous bride and a handsome groom-check.
Lovely live oaks and sweeping spanish moss-check.

Catwalk and Company's first wedding under the new business was definitely a success. The bride was beautiful in a Nicole Miller gown, her groom sported seersucker and Dolly Parton was in attendance. OK, not the real Dolly, but an impersonator. Our Dolly's version of "Something Special" was the first dance song and her rousing rendition of "Rocky Top" made sure these guests had a foot-stomping, knee slapping good time.
After a service at Belin United Methodist Church in Murrell's Inlet, guests enjoyed a reception at Kimbel's at Wachesaw Plantation. The tables were set with calla lilies and sea glass centerpieces, the cake was complete with layers of red velvet, raspberry with white cake, and even a hazelnut with chocolate layer. Guests loved the gorgeous marsh views from the deck at Kimbel's and the bride and groom exited in style with white-hot sparklers to their after-party at the Hot Fish Club.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Great Idea for a Wedding Video!

Check out Charleston Video Service's wedding day video for Hannah and Cal. I had the pleasure of meeting David Keller of Charleston Video Service this week at the Pour House.

Brides, let's tweak tradition! Think about showing this at your reception instead of the always emotional, yet sometimes boring slide show put to music. We all like seeing pictures of the bride wearing slap bracelets and sporting a side ponytail with her Rainbow Bright doll and the groom in his Freddy Krueger halloween costume when he was thirteen, but come on people! Let's do something different!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Home Car Washing Pollutes. The Numbers Prove It.

Another study just released proves that home car washing is harmful. In Federal Way, WA residents are learning what environmentalists have known for years, washing their cars in the driveway is detrimental to local waterways.

As a proud SC resident and I love Lowcountry life. I buy lemonade from school children on the beach and purchase cookies from Girl Scounts outside Wal-Mart. I don't however support charity car washes. Charity car washes are a thing of the past or perhaps, they should be. Residents protect our local waterways from trash and debris, by participating in beach cleanups, urging tourists to pick up after themselves and Charleston even touts an entire festival centered around green businesses,the Charleston Green Festival in Marion Square.

In the Lowcountry, we have a gorgeous structure, The Ravenel Bridge. We appreciate sealife so much that we turn the lights on the bridge off at night, so that sea turtles don't become disoriented as they navigate to the ocean. The Federal Way Mirror says "the harmful materials that find their way to the region's (in Washington)waterways reek chaos on aquatic life. Products such as oil can contaminate wildlife. Phosphorous and nitrogen can lead to excessive plant growth and decay, which degrades water quality, according to the study."

The article also mentions how stormwater and materials caught up in the water will flow to nearby creeks, streams and lakes. "These then transport the items to the Puget Sound. The stormwater catch basins are designed to restrict solids from entering the drainage system, but pollutants slip by sometimes, Smith said."

If your organization would like to raise money and in the past, might have considered a car wash, please email me: I know we can craft a fundraising program for your team or club that is environmentally-friendly AND that will get your team in those new uniforms before the first game. No bathing suits or posterboard signs required.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Watch Ryan Nelson and Dave Williams on August 5th at 10:00am featuring music by The Freeloaders.

Host Ryan Nelson and The Freeloaders bass player Oliver Goldstein have been friends for years, since working together at one of the Lowcountry's favorite hot spots, The Windjammer on Isle of Palms. I've also had the pleasure of working with Ryan while managing the PR and special events for Saks Fifth Avenue downtown. Lowcountry Live is an upbeat, fun show focused on everything from cooking tips to what is going on in and around the Lowcountry.

See for more information and don't miss Wednesday's show with The Freeloaders!