Monday, July 13, 2009

Dirty Car, New Client!

Everyone loves a clean car. Heck, you might not mind driving carpool, taking your friends out to happy hour or even going that road trip to your 87 year-old aunt's house four states away if you've got a great playlist on the IPOD, stellar coffee or enough diet coke for a small army and a clean car. I've never had the clean car. I'm the girl who scrambles to move shoes, magazines, empty diet coke cans, and that belt that I thought would match, then I got to where I was going, and well, decided clearly it did not match. Let's not forget the 65 lb. boxer pup that travels with me, hitting up dog parks all over town. Oh, and a bright pink yoga mat. Nope, not your clean car keepin' kind of gal.

Catwalk and Company is proud to present our newest client, enter Liquid Highway, located in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., less than 10 miles from historic Charleston and only two miles from the beach. In the coming months, look for a Facebook fan page, new promotions and deals with Mt. Pleasant businesses and more!

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