Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Art of Cakes

Who doesn't love the wedding cake? I recently watched a Style Channel show called The Art of Cakes and just died...yes, channeling Rachel Zoe-but about cakes, not couture.

The little cupcakes, adorable. The dessert bar, charming. An amazing cake with edible sugar flowers so life-like that one can't tell the difference between the real flower and the edible flower, fantastic. The cake GURU, a one Sylvia Weinstock, even autographs her cakes-rightly so, they're works of art. So she signs them, much like Da Vinci signed his work. Prepare to be amazed:

A wedding cake can be the crowning glory at the reception, reigning from its own table-the cake speaks to the couple's idea of grandeur, their traditions, or it might reflect the bride's dress with lace detailing. And that's just the outside. The inside can be a decadent combination of flavors and fillings, from the mundane to the out of this world. From chocolate ganache to organic carrot cake, bakers do it all.
Prepare to be amazed when thinking about a cake for your wedding. Use your imagination and most importantly, find a cake designer who is supportive, and who offers creative suggestions. Don't let your budget fool you into thinking you can only do something traditional. Unique ideas like personalized cake toppers, custom made paper decorations for the cake (think about the scrapbook store), ribbon, lace and more are budget friendly. Imagination is the only limit to creating the perfect cake that reflects a couple's style.

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