Monday, November 23, 2009

The NY Times Touts the Value of "the PR Machine" in Recent Article

Read this article in The New York Times from Brooks Burns now! The article entitled "Ad Budget Tight? Call the PR Machine" reminds us of the roots and follows the trends in public relations tactics in Hollywood and beyond. Of course, Hollywood hasn't cut out marketing or advertising entirely, but consider this: Paramount Pictures did not buy a single billboard to promote “Paranormal Activity,” its recent horror film. The studio also saved tens of millions of dollars by forgoing a national television campaign. Instead, Paramount depended on its publicity arm to fan interest on blogs and in traditional media. The flack attack worked: the film, made for just $10,000, has sold $104 million in tickets. Catwalkers don't LOVE scary movies, so we haven't seen it, but hey--we're just saying!
The article goes on to discuss Disney's new in-house program that generates the ad value for say a 30 second interview on "Access Hollywood" as compared to buying a 30 second spot during the same show. The article also mentions the value of a "media hit" compared to that of a paid advertisment. Consumers often are more apt to take a suggestion and make a purchase because they saw Oprah interview the company's founder, which has a solid impact. Viewers who saw a commercial for the same company's product might or might not remember the product. Since "media hits" seem to have gone through a filter first, that makes them more vaulable for our clients.

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