Saturday, June 25, 2011

Special Events Magazine Article

We love reading Special Events Magazine!  I especially enjoyed the May/June 2011 issue and the article about "What's Big in Big-City Weddings" from SE's On Trend section. Sacks Production, a Los Angeles-based event planning company, is known for catering to the design desires and whims of celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.  What does the company's president have to say?  Just what we've been thinking! She says she is seeing clients "go with a natural feeling instead of a pave look." Instead of opulence, opt for creating a feeling or a mood--guests will appreciate your attention to their comfort.  Traditional receptions are going by the wayside in favor of more parties, more fun and we don't dare say less glamour, but perhaps less glitz and manufactured elegance.   
Our other fave takeaway from this piece?  "October is the new June," according to Sarah Pease at Brilliant Event Planning in NYC.  Sweating through seersucker isn't just commonplace in the Southeast, brides and grooms nationwide are realizing sweatstains stink.  We say, bring on those October and November color-palattes. Hooray! 

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