Monday, July 11, 2011

What is Pinterest?

Heard of this site yet y'all? If not, head over to and request an invitation. Have oodles stored in your "Favorites"? Even if you think it's organized perfectly (by folders, no doubt), your system is about to be trumped with Pinterest's oh so fabulous, user-friendly, super visual twist! Pinterest allows you to bookmark and share your latest loves from the web in one spot and includes a function for followers or following! You know the girlfriend you have with impeccable taste? Right, the one who finds the coolest prints or sweetest antiques? If she's on Pinterest, you can follow her.

Pinterest is a basically an online design board. When you start an account, you're set up with default boards and allowed to "pin" websites or upload images to the respective boards. For example, I have a board called "Gadgets and Tech" and it includes neat little tech-y products I've had my eye on and another for "Quotables" which features prints of funny or favorite quotes.

Will I keep ripping pages out of magazines? Most likely, but I'll use this new tool too! Sniff, sniff that's not from Calvin Klein....but we smell an obsession with Pinterest coming your way!

My current favorite to follow is my lovely friend Jill, check out her taste and see what you think:

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