Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Only You Can Prevent Fire Hazards

We like to keep ol' Smokey the Bear's tag line in mind when creating an event, but we've tweaked it a bit. "Only good planners can prevent event hazards."
From flameless luminaries in a variety of sizes, to these new bamboo tiki torches from Fortune Products Inc., fire hazards are easily mitigated. Just use batteries and LEDs because event planners know who wins when we battle the wind. Check out the bamboo tiki torches! These handcrafted high-quality bamboo torches break down into three pieces. That will keep shipping costs low for a destination wedding or out of town event. Boasting an instant, easy set up, these torches run about 20 or so hours on two AA batteries.

We intended to keep this post about types of event hazards, but that's not going to happen!  Just fell in love with Fortune Products Inc's Fairy Berries.  We know it might be a weird name but these little delightful "berries" can create a fantasy-like feel for an event.  Fairy Berries are round balls that produce a "moving firefly or fairy-light effect that is absolutely unique," according to the company's website.  Each tiny (3/4 inch) clear ball has a white LED light that fades slowly on and off.  Even better?  We can put these little gems in trees or hang them from just about anywhere because each ball has a recessed hook.     

Let's get back to the part about event hazards for a second.  What could go wrong with Fairy Berries?  Nothing unless small children pick 'em up before the parent gently explains to the child that they shouldn't put these in their mouths.  Also, watch out for Grandma with the bad hip and poor eye sight.  Keeping these Fairy Berries, electrical cords, in a concentrated location, might prevent her from accidentally slipping on one.  Oopsie!  Also, be courteous to the event venue's staff, especially when you use a public park or other locale...if after an event, the location goes back to "open to the public," be sure to clean up.  You don't want to be responsible for a pup getting a hold of flower petals (some are poisonous for animals) and since you can recycle decor items, be sure to retrieve them. 

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